Managing the Family Balance Sheet

Galapagos acts as each family’s Chief Financial Officer and Chief Investment Officer. Our objective is to be the client’s unbiased advocate.  We help manage multi-generational balance sheets with an integrated approach to managing investments on either a discretionary or advisory basis. We aggregate the family’s balance sheet monthly and report as desired. 


Investment Management

Another core competency is managing for superior risk-adjusted portfolio returns. We build portfolios based on each client’s unique risk appetite. We determine the appropriate percentage of assets to be placed in various asset classes based on the family’s goals, future cash flow requirements and financial resources. In addition, we advise on complex financial circumstances such as concentrated holdings, low-basis, restricted or illiquid stock.We build portfolios based on each client’s unique risk appetite, goals, future cash flow requirements and financial resources in an effort to provide the best risk-adjusted, after-tax real returns.


We select asset classes that fit our client’s objectives, time frame, risk tolerance and specified asset protection and return requirements.

  • Strategic Asset Allocation – we determine the appropriate percentage of assets to be placed in each asset class.

  • Tactical Asset Allocation – we adjust the strategic allocation, as appropriate, to reflect changes in personal circumstances and / or market conditions.

Our alternative strategies, together with more traditional stock, bond, balanced and cash management strategies, are the elements we combine in seeking to construct truly diversified portfolios that produce superior, risk-adjusted returns across all types of economic and market environments.


Like the other elements of our business model, our investment manager search and selection efforts are client-centric and research-driven. Our due diligence process relies on a combination of rigorous qualitative and quantitative reviews combined with our own professional judgment. We believe managing the investment process is a senior level responsibility. The firm’s principals drive the manager selection process, utilizing a rigorous investment process to source, screen, analyze, and monitor managers.


Financial & Estate Planning

Galapagos’ financial planning services help clients assess and understand their current financial situation and goals and establish a roadmap to achieving them. We work with our clients to discuss their objectives, to understand estate planning needs, conduct multi-generational cash flow planning, and create financial modeling for alternative strategies. Galapagos Partners also liaisons with the family’s specialists in legal and tax structures, tax planning and preparation, advisor coordination, compliance, regulatory, risk management and insurance services. 


Galapagos Partners also helps with wealth transfer, including survivor and beneficiary representation. We work with outside legal counsel to provide advice on selecting executors and trustees, acting as a trustee, co-trustee or monitor of third party trustee performance, and administering complex estate transfer entities.


Galapagos Partners also provides governance services including reporting and record keeping, succession planning, and administrative services. Galapagos recognizes that good governance is essential to managing a family’s wealth.


Galapagos Partners helps high net worth families with their philanthropic initiatives. From goals assessment and strategic planning to working with outside legal counsel to develop trusts to managing philanthropy programs and donations, Galapagos Partners addresses philanthropy as part of a family’s overall approach to managing their wealth.